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Introduction To Healing Life's Hurts

"Introduction To Healing Life's Hurts"

Author: Michelle Smith
Why Do I Come to Your Campus?

"Why Do I Come to Your Campus?"

Author: Rick Warzywak
Return of the Nephilim

"Return of the Nephilim" - 1

Author: DR. Chuck Missler
Self Abuse/Cutting

"Self Abuse/Cutting" - 1

Author: Michelle Smith
Eyewitness 2

"Eyewitness 2" - 1

Author: Shari Richards, RDMS

"Abort73" - 1


"Abort73" - 2

Eyewitness 2

"Eyewitness 2" - 2

Author: Shari Richards, RDMS
I have been abused or assaulted

"I have been abused or assaulted" - 2

Author: Michelle Smith
Return of the Nephilim

"Return of the Nephilim" - 2

Author: DR. Chuck Missler
Return of the Nephilim

"Return of the Nephilim" - 3

Author: DR. Chuck Missler
Eyewitness 2

"Eyewitness 2" - 3

Author: Shari Richards, RDMS

"Abort73" - 3

Why am I always drawn to bad relationships?

"Why am I always drawn to bad relationships?" - 3

Author: Michelle Smith

"Abort73" - 4

Eyewitness 2

"Eyewitness 2" - 4

Author: Shari Richards, RDMS
Who am I?

"Who am I?" - 4

Author: Michelle Smith
Return of the Nephilim

"Return of the Nephilim" - 4

Author: DR. Chuck Missler
I'm angry and bitter!

"I'm angry and bitter!" - 5

Author: Michelle Smith
God, a Father?

"God, a Father?" - 6

Author: Michelle Smith
Looking for Love in the Wrong Places

"Looking for Love in the Wrong Places" - 7

Author: Michigan University Internet Church
I had an Abortion and I am in Pain

"I had an Abortion and I am in Pain" - 8

Author: Michigan University Internet Church
Eating Disorders

"Eating Disorders" - 9

Author: Michigan University Internet Church

Hot Topics and Issues

Need answers on todays biggest issues? We have answers for many situations: Aborting, Cutting, Drugs, Morality, Etc.


Bibical Perspective on Homosexuality, Lesbianism & Same Sex Marriage
Feb 26, 2009    By: Rick Warzywak
Bible Difficulties and Contradictions Solved
Jan 26, 2009    By: Tim Timbrook
Cutting! - Cutting! - Cutting!
Jan 26, 2009    By: Rick Warzywak
Abortion - Is this a logical choice?
Mar 04, 2009    By: Rick Warzywak
Does the Bible Address UFO's and Aliens?
Jan 26, 2009    By: Rick Warzywak
Is Open Air Campus Preaching Biblical?
Feb 03, 2009    By: Rick Warzywak
Depression & Suicide
Jan 24, 2009    By: Rick Warzywak


Does the Bible Suppress women and consider them less equal?
What is wrong with Pre-marital Sex? Shouldn’t we love one another?
How can Christians say that God is “One”? Christians claim that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is God – that is three!
How do you know the Bible is true? It’s a book written by Men!
Didn’t the dinosaurs exist millions of years ago?
What about Astrology, Channeling, Tarot cards, Psychics, Yoga, Meditation,
What kind of physical risks are their for Men and Woman who engage in pre-marital sex (fornication) other than Spiritual consequences?
You have no right to point out sin! Why are you judging me?
Why are there so many contradictions in the Bible
Can a good God execute or carry out evil and still be good?
Is Abortion wrong? It is only a fetus or tissue anyway! Why should I allow an unwanted child to be born anyway?
Who was Cain’s wife?
Can we rely on the New Testament since it has been copied so many times?
Why are there so many denominations within Christianity that say they are right in their interpretation of the Bible? Who can I believe?
How could people live so long before Noah’s flood?
How can an individual in Africa who has heard about the Bible or Jesus never or
Why did my father/mother die of cancer? Why did my friend get killed or commit suicide? The world is a mess and God does nothing!
If God made all things did He create evil? What is the purpose of evil?
I feel like committing suicide! Is it wrong? It would solve my problems!
Why is it wrong to get drunk? Jesus turned the water into wine!
I believe in God! I have my own beliefs, why should I change mine now?
How did the Old Testament come about? Can we be sure of its accuracy?
Why does God allow evil and suffering to take place in the world?
Is homosexuality a sin? What are the consequences?
Why will America suffer God’s justice and judgments?
What about all the other religions and beliefs that say they are right?
Isn’t archaeopteryx a missing link between reptiles and birds?
Why are you condemning me? Preach God’s Love!
If God is so loving how could He destroy all of those people in the Old Testament including women and children?
What is wrong with listening to Rock; Metal; Country; or Rap Secular music?
What came first: The chicken or the egg?
What’s wrong with using Marijuana and other recreational drugs?
Was there really a worldwide flood that destroyed the world?
Does the Bible Speak of Dinosaurs? If so what happened to them?
All of Christianity consists of do’s and don’ts! Why are God’s laws so confining? I want to be free of all moral restraint and live like I want!
I have so many troubles and difficulties! Isn’t God to Blame for these?
If God made all things, who created God?