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Can We Trust the New Testament Documents?

"Can We Trust the New Testament Documents?" - 11

Author: Frank Turek
Can We Trust the New Testament Documents?

"Can We Trust the New Testament Documents?" - 12

Author: Frank Turek

Is the Bible Reliable and True?

Get answers to the one of the most asked questions: "Is The Bible True?"


Science Confirms That the Bible is True!
Mar 09, 2009    By: Rick Warzywak
Medical View of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
May 12, 2009    By: Unknown
Laws of Common Probabilty (A Record of Fulfilled Prophecies)
May 12, 2009    By: Rick Warzywak
Mathematical Proof That The Bible Is True
Jan 24, 2009    By: Rick Warzywak
Would the World be Different if Christ Was Never Born?
Jan 24, 2009    By: Rick Warzywak


Was there really an ice age?
Was there really a worldwide flood that destroyed the world?
Was there really a stone age?
How do you know the "Resurrection of Jesus Christ" happened and it is true?
Where did all the nations or races come from?
Where did all the languages originate?
How did the Old Testament come about? Can we be sure of its accuracy?
How can Jesus be God if he is called the Son of God?
Didn’t the dinosaurs exist millions of years ago?
How did they fit the dinosaurs on the Ark?
Was Jonah really swallowed by a whale? How could that be possible?
Some deny the virgin birth of Jesus Christ! They say that the Hebrew word for virgin (Almah) - (Isa. 7:14) means young woman.
How could people live so long before Noah’s flood?
Does the Bible Speak of Dinosaurs? If so what happened to them?
How do you know the Bible is true? It’s a book written by Men!
How were all the different “Kinds” of animals fit on the Ark?
Doesn’t the 2 creation stories in Genesis 1 and 2 Conflict?
How does the Fossil record fit in with what the Bible teaches?
Why are there so many contradictions in the Bible
Can we rely on the New Testament since it has been copied so many times?
Within each species or family there are many types, did he put each type of dog on the ark?